Napoleon, Josephine & Terre Van Dieman

Napoleon, Josephine & Terre Van Dieman
AUD $30.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Location: Evandale, TASMANIA

In an unprecedented exhibition for Clarendon, we invite you to explore the web of
connections between these historical figures and the intriguing artifacts that
bear witness to their entwined destinies with the far off land of Terre Van

At the heart of the exhibition lies the story of the explorer Nicholas Baudin's voyage to
Australia and Terre Van Dieman in the years 1802 and 1803. Among the highlights
of the exhibition are rare maps and images of the indigenous peoples of Terra
Van Dieman. These rare engravings offer a glimpse into the discoveries made by
early explorers and the allure of uncharted territories.

You will be greeted by an array of treasures from a private collection that have
never been displayed to the public. From a rare letter from Josephine, longing
for more information on Napoleon while he was away on campaign... to exquisite
personal items, or gifts given by the Imperial couple, each item tells a tale
of romance, ambition and exploration.