Finding, Fixing and Fettling Traditional Tools for Heritage Conservation

Finding, Fixing and Fettling Traditional Tools for Heritage Conservation
AUD $120.00
  • Duration: 480 Minutes
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania

This short course over two weeks, designed for those with no previous experience, takes students through finding new or used traditional tools, cleaning and removing corrosion, fettling (refurbishing and fitting), sharpening and making tools ready to build your vintage projects and restore buildings, furniture and fittings with the authentic traditional materials and adhesives.

The course is facilitated by Broughton Heritage Consultancy who provide short courses and advice on built heritage.
Bob Broughton worked (a long time ago) as a blacksmith and has a Diploma in Museum Studies, an M.A. in Heritage Management and a TAFE building qualification in maintaining heritage structures.

National Trust Tasmania's Runnymede House is the perfect location for the course with real life examples of heritage building, furniture and fittings that illustrate the use of traditional tools in graining, French polishing, wood mouldings, hard plaster and carved stone.

Interested amateurs, tool collectors, owners of heritage properties or anyone wanting to build or restore antique furniture and repair old furniture, are perfect students for this course .This course is NOT intended for experienced tradespeople or professional heritage restoration workers.

This short course is about the tools - not the techniques.

Participants should be capable of walking transitions around National Trust Tasmania's Runnymede House heritage site.  Participants should bring strong gloves and wear old clothes and closed toe flat shoes. A raincoat could also be handy.

Bring out your dead!

Participants may bring two SMALL hand tools in need of restoration, so no anvils or bandsaws!

Please make sure all sharp edges are taped and tools are securely stored for transport!  We will review them on the first day.

Two sessions so you can work on your tools between sessions!

The first session will focus on finding, dis-assembling, cleaning and removing corrosion.

The second session, a week later, will concentrate on fettling, restoring and sharpening tools to achieve flawless function.

There is a 15 minute practical demonstration session in the Coach House to complement each 30 minute teaching session in the Music Room.

 Afternoon tea will be served at both sessions with gluten free and low sugar options.